Solvent-based Adhesives Manufacturer

Solvent-based Adhesives

Solvent-based Adhesives

Construction Glue

Construction of adhesive and fix to floor, outdoor...
Product No.:188

No More Nail Glue

Can be used in PS foam and most common constructio...
Product No.:166

Liquid Nail Glue

Liquid Nail Glue Can be used on most common constr...
Product No.:168

Magic Nail Glue

Magic Nail Glue Can be used on most common constru...
Product No.:168

Flooring coating

Waterproof treatment on cement floor.
Product No.:T-UR040

Compartment wall adhesive

Sandwich panel & partitions adhesion.
Product No.:T-UR081

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NANPAO is a Solvent-based Adhesives manufacturerin Taiwan, Solvent-based Adhesives supplier, and supply professional Solvent-based Adhesives products, with NANPAO more than decade production experience, professional techniques and best possible performance.