A Word from the Management

A Word from the Management


Having been established for more than half a century, Nan Pao Resins Chemical Co., Ltd. has continued to move forward with our faith in our brand technology and service. Facing an increasingly severe impact made by global warming and environmental pollution, Nan Pao has already invested significant resources to develop water-based and low-pollutant products for many years and work toward green chemical industry. We continuously improve our green product R&D and production technologies and reduce the quantities of organic solvents and the consumption of hazardous chemical substances. Nan Pao actively shoulders the mission and faith of environmental protection, and continue to monitor and reduce carbon emissions and the volumes of solid waste. We strive to protect the environment and implement standard environmental management systems.

To care for Nan Pao's most valuable assets - our employees, we place employees' safety and health as our first and foremost priority. Besides introducing and complying with international environmental safety standards to reduce occupational hazards to a minimal level, we also believe that prevention is more important than improvement. Therefore, we perform risk assessments to comprehensively manage potential risks in our workplace environment. To build a safe, hazard-free workplace environment, we continue to educate and train employees and enhance their safety awareness.

Nan Pao strives to realize sustainable corporate responsibility and to make positive contributions to the industry, the market, our stakeholders, and the overall society. Providing stable and safe products for customers is the foundation of Nan Pao's growth. We care for the community and do what we can for the senior citizens, children, and disadvantaged groups. Moreover, we focus on shortening the industrial production processes through innovation, research, and development. In addition to making more profits by going green, we can also assist our customers in creating greater benefits and become a green enterprise committed to energy-saving and carbon and waste reduction.


We will continue to challenge ourselves in the future to become a leading, world-class enterprise, and to research and develop green products and innovative technologies, leading to synergistic growth with this beautiful society and the world.


Chairman of Nan Pao Resins Chemical Co., Ltd.