Customer Relation Maintenance


NANPAO has clearly established Quality Policy: quality is a fundamental factor in the overall management of the NANPAO Group. Our goal is to provide customers with stable and safe products and services in compliance with legal regulations. The Company sees quality as the cornerstone to brand development and sustainable growth. In terms of internal management, we never compromise in our commitment to quality requirement and in meeting standards. In terms of advocacy, we promote the Quality Policy to all employees to ensure total compliance and implementation. The policy also serves as the guiding indicator to work responsibilities and day-to-day working mindset and actions. To implement NANPAO’s Quality Policy, the following action plans have been adopted:


Quality First: ensuring quality is the responsibility of each and every employee. All tasks related to products and servicesneed to comply with enforced procedures and standards, and products that do not comply with quality inspection standards are never allowed to be distributed to customers.

TechnicalLeadership: continuing to develop products that meet customers’ needs and to assist customers to enhance their added-value and lower costs; focusing on the provision of energy-saving, carbon-reducing products with low pollutants to prevent environmental pollution and damaging the Earth, as well as to protect the ecosystem.

Service-oriented: service is a key added-value of Nan Pao’s products; we actively solve product application problems and work with customers on jointproduct development; to ensure customer satisfaction, a comprehensive technical service team has been designated to solve customers’ problems of product use, R&D, and improvement at all times.


  • Technical Service

Customer satisfaction is not only built upon product quality, but after-sale service is also the true determining factor to customer satisfaction. Our Technical Service Department is brimming with professional talent who has years of technical experience and has solved technical problems for many years. Moreover, a comprehensive database has been established, and professional talent is dispatched to each sales and service center to provide professional technical support for customers. In addition, based on the nature of products, we also provide complete coaching and support on product use for customers’ production teams.


NANPAO’s technical service team can provide feasible plans during customers’ new product R&D stage to solve product issues. If a customer experiences any difficulty in using a product and reports back to our Sales Department, the technical service team will immediately take charge and proceed with the needed support.


After product launch, the technical service team will collect all customers’ problems with the production line, undertake troubleshooting training at customers’ end, and organize technical seminars quarterly to actively solve customers’ technical issues.


  • Awards from NANPAO’s customers


NANPAO won the Best Adhesives Vendor award at the inaugural global chemical engineering summit on Nike Campus in Portland, Oregon